[How to make grain soy milk taste delicious]_ practice _ production skills

[How to make grain soy milk taste delicious]_ practice _ production skills

The method of grain soy milk is relatively simple. In order to increase the nutritional value of grain soy milk, you can choose the right amount of soybeans, corn and millet, and you can also prepare black rice, buckwheat, or mung beans, sorghum, etc.Do n’t overdo it. You can prepare five or six kinds. In order to increase the taste, you can also put some jujubes, rock sugar, etc., so that it is not only nutritious, but also delicious.

How to make grain soy milk is good to drink 1. The raw materials must be clean, free of mold and impurities.

2. Soak the beans (mainly beans, rice, millet, black rice, corn, buckwheat, oats, sorghum, etc.) with clean water, soak for 6-8 hours in summer and 8-10 hours in winter.Soak through shall prevail.

3. In the past, soybean milk was milled with a stone mill. Now there is a special refiner, which greatly improves the efficiency.

Home soymilk machines have also entered millions of households, which is very convenient.

4. Filtration The gauze is used to filter the ground soymilk to remove soybean dregs. Soymilk, which is a grain raw material, can also be filtered.

5. Boil the soymilk. Dilute the filtered soymilk with water as needed, put it in a pot, boil over high heat, and boil over low heat for about 10 minutes before you can add it.

Soy milk must be cooked thoroughly and then added to a woman’s menstrual period. Can I drink grain soy milk? Aunt visits, can you still drink soy milk at this time?

I believe everyone knows that soy milk is a good thing, it has beauty and beauty, delays aging, calcium supplements and other functions and functions, and is suitable for men, women and children.

So can I drink soy milk when my aunt comes in?

You can drink soy milk during menstruation. Soy milk has the functions of nourishing and moistening dryness, clearing the lungs, and removing phlegm. It has many benefits for women, and it is also drinkable for menstruation.

At the same time, soy milk also has the effect of replenishing blood, which is suitable for women to consume during menstruation. When anemia occurs in ordinary women, soy milk has a stronger conditioning effect on anemia patients than milk.

At the same time, soy milk and whitening and beauty can reduce acne, which is also a favorite of female friends.