[How to cook rice is more delicious]_Rice _Cooking Daquan_Home Practice

[How to cook rice is more delicious]_Rice _Cooking Daquan_Home Practice

In many people’s opinion, cooking rice is very easy. It is probably to pan the rice first, then add the right amount of water, then put it in the rice cooker, press the button, etc. and hold the rice. In fact, you want to make it delicious.For rice, you must master these skills.

1. Steam for another 5 minutes.

Under normal circumstances, when the rice cooker “trips”, it means that the rice is cooked, but if you open the lid to serve the rice at this time, you will find that the rice on the surface is very thin, and the bottom of the pot is tightly attached to a layer of rice.

This layer of rice cracker can never be filled out and it is difficult to clean.

The correct method is, when the heating switch jumps to the insulation switch, do not pull the plug immediately, leave it in the insulation state for 5 minutes, and leave the rice to simmer for 5 minutes after the plug is pulled, so the steamed rice tastes better, andNot easy to stick to the pan.

2. Select the rice cooker stalls.

Many brands of rice cookers now have multiple stalls for the function of steaming rice, leaving many people at a loss.

In fact, the cooked rice in different stalls has improved. The cooked rice in the “Rice” range has moderate softness and hardness; the “Quick Cook” also has moderate hardness and softness, but it can save nearly half of the time, which is very suitable.Office workers; “soft” cooked rice has a large amount of overlapping texture but does not stick to the teeth, which is suitable for elderly people at home; “hard” cooked rice is full of particles and suitable for young people.

3. Pour some oil and add 2 ml of vinegar.

Add half a tablespoon of vegetable oil before covering the pot, which can make cooked rice oil smooth and clear.

Chlorine in tap water has a destructive effect on the B vitamins in the rice. Therefore, dripping 2 ml of rice vinegar before steaming the rice can protect the vitamins, and at the same time, it can make the steamed rice soft and fragrant, and slow the rice from becoming hot in the hot seasonspeed.

In addition, vinegar has the effect of delaying resonance absorption, which can prevent blood sugar from rising too quickly.

Using lemon juice or citrus juice instead of vinegar can also achieve the above effect, and can eliminate the stale breath in rice.

4, rice water ratio should be appropriate.

Before steaming, soak the rice in cold water for 1 hour to allow the rice grains to fully absorb water. This can shorten the heating time and reduce nutrition loss.

For steamed white rice, the ratio of rice to water is 1: 1.


4, general water is 2 meters higher?
4 cm is more appropriate.

If you add too much water, the rice is too rotten and has no taste. If the water is too little, the steamed rice will be too hard, and it may be pinched.

If you add coarse grains such as purple rice, sorghum, or millet to rice, you should add more water because coarse grains are “draft”.

5, change the pattern to eat rice: tea cooking.

If you want to eat rice with a fragrant smell, you can use tea to boil rice to get color, aroma and taste.

Tea cooked rice also has the benefits of getting tired, cleansing, changing food and preventing diseases.

Middle-aged and elderly people often eat tea and rice, which can soften blood vessels, reduce blood lipids, and suffer from cardiovascular disease.